Free Cross Stitch Patterns Online

 Cross stitching can be a creative and fun hobby for people of all ages. Many stores sell cross stitching kits, but most can be expensive and have unnecessary or duplicate supplies. You don’t really need a new needle every time you start a cross stitch! Fortunately, many websites offer free printable cross stitch designs. Here are 10 places to find free cross stitch patterns online. Better Cross Stitch offers a variety of free cross stitch patterns, including animals, baby themes, hearts, Christian and Christmas themed and more. Their newest free pattern features a cute bear with the clever play on words “It’s my bear to cross… addicted to cross stitch.” Hobby has many, many small cross stitch designs with animals and holiday themes. These tiny free cross stitch patterns would be ideal for children just learning the craft or for people with short attention spans. For example, their “Tiny Butterfly” design is only ¾” x ¾” finished. They can be completed very quickly, but lack detail and dimension. DLTK’s Growing Together is a website devoted to different activities kids can do. Although you have to deal with pop-ups when navigating their website, their printable cross stitch patterns are simple enough for kids to work with and free to use. Along with animals and seasonal themes, look for the free Sponge Bob pattern here. has just 8 free cross stitch patterns, and countless more for sale. The free, printable cross stitch designs include three ribbons and a cat in a boot, but my favorite is the colorful, intricate flower motif. There is a whole website dedicated to free Islamic and Arabic cross stitch designs. The printable cross stitch patterns include Islamic phrases, such as “In the name of Allah,” or the name of the Prophet in beautiful and intricate Aramic script. Craft has a wide selection of Christmas designs, as well as a handy list of other websites to find more free, printable cross stitch patterns. Their free Christmas cross stitch designs include 19 angel patterns. My personal favorite, because of the detail and color, is the 1993 Christmas angel. Bird Cross has many free, printable cross stitch patterns of, you guessed it, birds! They also have some beautiful flower designs. All of these cross stitch designs are small, but hold enough detail to identify the specific bird. The real find here is a free printable pattern for a 1742 Peacock Sampler. Alita Designs has a wide variety of over 60 free, printable cross stitch designs, many showing significant detail and dimension in the finished product. In the motif category, you will also find cross stitch alphabet templates, which are very handy for customizing your own work. Joanne has a handful of fun, colorful free cross stitch patterns available. Most are small tiles and woman themed. This week’s feature is a small, pink high-heeled shoe with the text “I *heart* shoes”. Finally, Free Patterns has been creating and posting free cross stitch patterns since 1998, although there is the option to make donations if you wish. These simple cross stitch designs span a wide range of themes and include alphabet and numbers. The latest design from Carrie is a pink breast cancer awareness ribbon.

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