Victorian Style Wedding Invitations: Ten Websites and Tips

Victorian style wedding invitations are a great way to give your wedding a romantic, nostalgic flavor. Look for wedding invitations which feature Victorian style type faces, Victorian illustrations or classic floral designs. Other ideas include wedding invitations which feature botanical prints or Victorian photographs. A Victorian wedding photograph makes a cute illustration for a wedding invitation. Also, Victorian Valentine’s cards can provide fun ideas. Why not decorate your wedding invitations with lace and paper hearts in the style of a Victorian Valentine’s Day greeting card? Need more inspiration? Here are four Victorian style wedding invitations in a range of colors and styles. Also, check out the website suggestions below where you can find a variety of Victorian style wedding invitations. Petrina Victorian Style Wedding Invitations on Etsy I love the dramatic green and black pattern of these wedding invitations – they call to mind Victorian wallpaper. Twenty-five Victorian wedding invitations and envelopes cost $52 on Etsy. Floral Victorian Style Letterpress Wedding Invitations These spring green and white Victorian style wedding invitations look both fresh and nostalgic. You can buy 100 Victorian wedding invitations for $429. This style would go beautifully with a spring green and white themed wedding. Queen Victoria Wedding Invitations I love the antique look of these Victorian style wedding invitations which are available in white or ivory. The all-white look of these Victorian wedding invitations makes them look elegant and striking – plus, they will go with any wedding color palette. Monogrammed Victorian Style Wedding Invitations These elegant monogrammed Victorian style wedding invitation cards are available on Etsy. There are also a number of websites where you can find Victorian style wedding invitations at affordable prices. Check out the websites blow for a range of Victorian style invitations. EBay Ebay has hundreds and sellers and shops selling a range of wedding invitations including Victorian style. The Knot The Knot has a category devoted to wedding invitations. Check out the Knot website for Victorian wedding invitations. David’s Bridal In the David’s Bridal store, and on the website, you can find a variety of Victorian style wedding invitations. Etsy There are many choices of unique and affordable wedding invitations on the Etsy website, including Victorian style. Target Did you know that you can find wedding invitations at Target? Search for antique styles to match your Victorian themed wedding. Staples Staples also has lots of retro and Victorian style wedding invitations. Kohl’s Finally, check out Kohl’s for affordable wedding invitations both in contemporary and nostalgic styles.

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