Basic Website Design Guidelines

A website is an important aspect of a business or an organization. It is one way to convey your messages to your customers and possible clients. The advantages of a website in today’s world cannot be overemphasized. But many people when designing websites more often than not overlook the most basic principles in web design. […]

Free Cross Stitch Patterns Online

 Cross stitching can be a creative and fun hobby for people of all ages. Many stores sell cross stitching kits, but most can be expensive and have unnecessary or duplicate supplies. You don’t really need a new needle every time you start a cross stitch! Fortunately, many websites offer free printable cross stitch designs. […]

Victorian Style Wedding Invitations: Ten Websites and Tips

Victorian style wedding invitations are a great way to give your wedding a romantic, nostalgic flavor. Look for wedding invitations which feature Victorian style type faces, Victorian illustrations or classic floral designs. Other ideas include wedding invitations which feature botanical prints or Victorian photographs. A Victorian wedding photograph makes a cute illustration for a wedding […]

10 Steps to a Great Website

What makes a website great? A great website incorporates key “must-have” elements and leaves behind elements considered obstacles and a waste of time. For instance, just spare the reader and do not include a flash intro on your site!! Most of us just do not have time to sit through such an ordeal. We just […]